Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas in Salt Lake

We got to meet up with Michael, Rachael and their kids at the children's museum.  The kids had a great time together.
A little snuggle time with Grandma.

All dressed up in our Christmas dresses!

Michael and Rachael got to join us for Christmas Eve.

The girls both got to go to Build a Bear and pick out their own special bears.  They love them.

We went to the Zoo lights at the Hogle Zoo.  Sophie and Addie both rode on the merry go round.

 It was cold but not horrible.  Addie didn't have a good hat so I put a shirt on her head for a hat :)

Love this smiling face!

Ready for the big exchange game!
Tara, Ryan, Mia and Tayen joined us also!  So much fun!

It may be hard to tell here but the kids were acting out the Christmas story.  They loved it so much we did it 2 times! 

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Rachael said...

It was so good to see you! Thank you for your sweet gifts!!